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Benvenuti - Bienvenidos - Bienvenu - 歡迎 - Laipni Lūdzam - Velkomme - Welcome - Welkom - Willkommen

Thank you for being interested in studying at the Institute of Sinology! We would like to give you a short impression of the Institute of Sinology and some information for organising and enjoying your stay. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our ERASMUS-Coordinator:

Studying Sinology in Munich
How to apply
Munich ERASMUS Student Association (MESA)
LMU Munich International Office

Studying Sinology in Munich

The Institute of Sinology offers a B.A. program (three years) and a consecutive M.A. program (two years).

At the core of our BA study program is the sound education of our students in the source languages and methods of the field. The program is spread over three years and in the first year the focus is on offering basic knowledge, simple research methods and the essentials of the modern Chinese standard language (putonghua). In the second year students continue with modern Chinese language and in addition start with the classical Chinese language. They also learn about the most important sources of classical writing. In the third and final year of the BA program students use the knowledge they acquired in seminars, reading and conversation classes. They have the opportunity to extend their interpretation- and translation skills in both modern and classical Chinese according to their personal interests and are able to study the basics of another Asian language. In addition to their main subject (120 ECTS points) our BA students select a minor subject (60 ECTS points), e.g. History, Philosophy, Economics, Geography etc.

Our consecutive M.A. program has a total length of two years. It serves to improve the academic methods acquired during the BA period, background knowledge and language skills. Furthermore, students can specialise in one of our three focus areas: (1) History, Literature and Philosophy of China, (2) Archaeology and Art History of China or (3) Central Asian Studies.

As an ERASMUS Student you can choose courses from our program depending on your Chinese (modern and traditional) and German language skills. In order to get an impression of current classes taught, please browse our "Vorlesungsverzeichnis". Please also note that with the exception of some basic or mandatory classes the topics and content of our research seminars and reading courses change every semester.

All our classes are taught in German. Protocols, examinations, and seminar papers have to be written in German, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Therefore the required minimum language level for ERASMUS Students is B1. (link:

How to apply

The SOCRATES/ERASMUS student exchange programmes are based on prior bilateral agreements between universities. Your home university will be able to inform you about how to apply for a place as an ERASMUS exchange student.

If you are nominated for a place at the University of Munich, the International Office will send you an information package which includes all necessary application forms.

Learning Agreements

Learning Agreements should be discussed with the ERASMUS-Coordinator or the hosting professor at our Institute. You can pick your courses in advance from the table of our BA modules. Other courses are available as well (in particular Advanced Seminars). ERASMUS exchange students do not need to pre-register for our courses. You can expect to get ECTS points as follows:

Most courses: 1.5 ECTS per class hour (SWS)

Classical Chinese: 9 ECTS for 4 class hours

Advanced Seminars: 6 ECTS for 2 class hours

In some cases you can get more ECTS points if you are willing to do additional work.

Please visit the ERASMUS-Coordinator upon arrival within the first week of the semester in order to discuss your study plan.

Transcript of Records

A transcript of records is issued on demand. Please inform your professors at the start of the semester, that you will need an ECTS credit point transcript.


Not all courses are graded. If you need to have grades for the courses you take in order to receive credit for the courses from your home university, speak with your professors early in the semester to see if it will be possible to get numerical grades for the courses.

Munich ERASMUS Student Association (MESA)

Please do also consult the webpage of the Munich ERASMUS Student Association (MESA) for more impressions.

LMU Munich International Office
Please do also consult the following webpages of the International Office:


Jean Schleiss / Andrea Blei
SOCRATES/ERASMUS co-ordinators