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Dr. Annie Chan

Dr. Annie Chan

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Institut für Sinologie
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By appointment

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2017

Research interests:
Region: Archaeology of Inner Asia (present-day Xinjiang, southern Siberia, western Mongolia)
Period: prehistory - early medieval period - contemporary
Theme: technologies of ancient pastoral subsistence; architecture and spatial practices; cultural transmissions and InterAsian geopolitics; cosmopolitanism; contemporary nomadic cultures, ethnography, and political ecology

Courses taught (selected):
• China and beyond (1500 BCE- 800 CE): Archaeological perspectives
• Writing about ancient nomads
• Steppe archaeology and ethnoarchaeology
• Life with animals in prehistoric China
• Turfan through the ages
• Archaeology of Xinjiang in interAsian contexts
• The Lives of Monuments in Asia
• Health and disease in early China
• Heaven and Hearth: the beginnings of architecture in East Asia

Selected grants and awards:

2023 LMUExcellent Junior Researcher Fund (Nachwuchsförderungsfonds)
Summer 2022 Researcher in Residence, Center for Advanced Studies, LMU
2018-19 Social Science Research Council Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellowship
2017 Tang Post-Doctoral Research Award in Early China, Columbia University
2015-2016 Bradley Fellowship, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
2014 Henry Luce Foundation/American Council of Learned Societies Predissertation- summer Grant
2012-2015 Penn Museum field research grants


Selected publications:

Chan A, Sadykov T, Blochin J, Hajdas I, Caspari G. 2022. The polymorphism and tradition of funerary practices of medieval Turks in light of new findings from Tuva Republic. PLOS ONE 17(9): e0274537.

Li, Li, Sam C. Lin, Shannon P. McPherron, Aylar Abdolahzadeh, Annie Chan, Tamara Dogandžić, Radu Iovita, George M. Leader, Matthew Magnani, Zeljko Rezek, and Harold L. Dibble. 2022. A synthesis of the Dibble et al. controlled experiments into the mechanics of lithic production. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.

Chan, A. 2021. Review of “The Burial Record of Prehistoric Liangshan in Southwest China: Graves as Composite Objects. Anke Hein. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 2017. 534 pp. 1 online resource. ISBN 9783319423838, 9783319423845 (eBook). DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-42384-5”. Asian Perspectives 60 (1): 224-228.

Chan, A. ed. 2020. Prehistoric Stone Remains in Xinjiang (China) and Mongolia and Their Symbolic Landscapes: Updates from Field Research. Special Section in Asian Perspectives 59 (2): 330-477.

Chan, A. and Dexin Cong. 2020. Results of field research of ancient stoneworks in the River Valleys of Bortala and Ili in Western Tian Shan (Xinjiang, China). Special Section: Prehistoric Stone Remains in Xinjiang (China) and Mongolia and Their Symbolic Landscapes: Updates from Field Research, Asian Perspectives 59 (2): 385-420.

Chan, A. 2020 (ed.). Modules of Stone Construction and the Building of Ritual and Social Traditions in Past Xinjiang (China) and Mongolia. Special Section: Prehistoric Stone Remains in Xinjiang (China) and Mongolia and Their Symbolic Landscapes: Updates from Field Research, Asian Perspectives 59 (2): 330-337.

Seregin, Nikolai N. and Annie Chan. 2020. Китайский импорт из памятников тюрок Центральной Азии (VI–XI вв. н.э.): динамика распространения, историко-культурный контекст [Chinese imports from the sites of Central Asian Turks (VI–XI centuries AD): Dynamics of distribution, historical and cultural context]. Tomsk State University Journal of History 66: 181-189.

Chan, A. 2017. From Milk and Wool: Vital Pastoral Crafts and their Vitality in 21st Century Xinjiang. Journal of Ethnobiology 37 (3): 542-560.

Recent participation in conferences and workshops

Spatial dynamics of urbanization at the onset of the First Turk empire. Panel: Archaeology of Medieval Eurasian Steppe Urbanism. 88th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA), Portland, USA. March 2023.

Presenter and Scientific Committee. National Tsing Hua University Silk Road Conference. Dec 2022.

CV: ChanA_cv_2023

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